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Productive landscape design will break the obvious ecology balance and create a new one. But it doesn’t mean the disconnect between two systems. The meaning of this design in Desoto Park is to explore the most possibilities of old system and create values in new system.

System is a relatively word. It means Desoto Park can be treated as a whole system in the same time treated as a composition of different systems. It will be very interesting to analysis the different flow between the variable scales of systems. My site observation is to find out the elements flowing, staying or cycling through those different scales systems.

The upper diagram shows the intended results. I will choose some preventive spots in Desoto Park. And each spot will divided into three to five different scales of system. May be I will start with one 5″*5″ square land or waterside and get larger and larger scale to observe the flowing through them.

Seasonal flooding area with single planting material

I think something should be noticed is the plants in the shoreside. Because of the seasonal flooding of Mississippi River, there is only one kind of plants can survive. And it offers us the area lines of the flooding level. What’s more, the crowed single kind plants create a special feeling being much different with the multiple composition kinds of plants in other area of the site. We may design with the contradictory between them. I think it would provide visitors the various results of natural power working on the site.